Man-ly Cosmetic Treatments for Men

Treatments for men

Cosmetic injectable procedures for men are growing in popularity thanks to modern techniques and the rise in the number of men who take an active interest in their appearance.  Nowadays, there are options for men focused on creating natural, masculine looks, some with relatively little downtime. Here are some of the most popular procedures for […]

Is Lip Filler Right for You?

woman having lip injections, procedure lip augmentationwoman having lip injections, a prick of a syringe for the beauty lips. lip augmentation

To answer this question, you need to ask yourself why you want to change your lips? You should not undergo this procedure unless you genuinely wish to enhance your appearance. If someone else is influencing your choice to have lip filler or make someone else happy, you may want to think twice. Also, you need […]

Exceeding Your Aesthetic Patient’s Expectations

Reception area of cosmetic clinic

By its very nature, the aesthetic medicine arena attracts patients who take pride in their physical appearance and are invested in their treatment outcomes.  In Cosmetic Nursing, when performing treatments on a person’s face, the stakes are exceptionally high. Therefore, you need to be confident of not only meeting but exceeding your patient’s expectations.   […]

Naturally Beautiful Results from Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurses

Anti ageing treatments

Beautifully smooth skin is achievable – and in more ways than one. Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurses are trained to perform many different procedures using various medications, techniques and complementary therapies that will help patients fall in love with themselves all over again.   Loss of Volume One of the signs of ageing is skin that lacks […]