What is Juvae?

Juvae has been empowering registered nurses to embark on successful careers as cosmetic nurses for over 15 years. We provide a comprehensive solution, offering nurses the opportunity to establish their own aesthetic businesses with ease. Think of us as your “business in a box” for both aspiring and established cosmetic nurses! 

Here’s how we do it: 

  1. Training: We offer specialized training programs for registered nurses in anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. 
  1. Supply: Juvae provides access to S4 stock for purchase and use within your medical business, ensuring seamless operations. 
  1. Telehealth Support: Our dedicated telehealth team is available to assist you in consulting with patients and prescribing treatments. 
  1. Business Mentoring: Enjoy free business mentoring to help you navigate the complexities of running your own cosmetic practice. 
  1. Ongoing Training: Stay ahead of the curve with our free, continuous training opportunities to refine your skills and expand your knowledge base. 
  1. Exclusive Resources: Gain access to our exclusive member portal, packed with valuable resources and tools to support your journey. 
  1. Community Events: Join us at exclusive events and conferences designed to foster networking, learning, and professional growth. 

To become a cosmetic nurse, you need to meet certain criteria. At a minimum, you must be a Registered Nurse with at least 12 months of full-time post-graduate experience in a clinical setting unrelated to cosmetic nursing. Once you’ve completed this experience requirement, you can enrol in training courses to acquire the necessary skills for administering anti-wrinkle medications and dermal fillers. 

It’s crucial to choose a training provider that offers both comprehensive theoretical education and ample hands-on experience. At Juvae, our foundation course consists of 80 hours of CPD points accredited by the Australian College of Nursing. Our hands-on training is limited to a maximum of two nurses per session, ensuring that you receive extensive practical experience and emerge feeling confident to serve your own clients. 

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The good news is, there are no joining fees to become a Juvae nurse! If you already have training or experience in the cosmetic industry, you can join our community for free today.  

For aspiring cosmetic nurses without prior training, you can enrol in one of our training programs and immediately order stock from us afterward.

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At Juvae, our training program is designed to be comprehensive, emphasizing both theory and extensive hands-on practice in patient injections, recognizing that true learning occurs through practical experience. Our courses are limited to a maximum of two nurses to ensure each participant gains as much hands-on experience as possible. During training, each nurse works on their own models to maximize learning opportunities. 

We offer three foundation courses tailored to nurses embarking on their journey into cosmetic nursing: 

  1. Full Foundation Course: Covers both Antiwrinkle and Dermal filler techniques. 
  2. Antiwrinkle Only Foundation Course. 
  3. Dermal Filler Only Foundation Course. 

For more information, register here to receive an information pack!  

      Absolutely! We welcome nurses with previous training or experience from other providers.  

      Joining Juvae is straightforward and completely free. Upon joining, you’ll undergo a scope of practice assessment to verify your clinical skillset. Once completed, you can immediately begin utilising our telehealth services and treating patients within your scope of practice.  

      There are no fees for joining or completing the scope of practice assessment! 

      Once you’re onboarded with Juv’ae, you’ll gain access to our exclusive platform where you can conveniently place stock orders.  

      All our stock is sourced from a single warehouse in Sydney, ensuring that your orders arrive swiftly and all at once. 

       We also stock all consumables required for cosmetic nursing, providing you with a one-stop solution for your supply needs. 

      At Juvae, we take pride in our supportive and close-knit community. We consider all our Juvae nurses to be family! 

      Upon joining, you’ll be invited to our private Facebook and WhatsApp groups, where you’ll connect with supportive and like-minded nurses to expand your network. These groups serve as safe spaces to ask questions and receive immediate assistance. 

      Additionally, we offer ongoing free clinical training and business mentoring to Juvae nurses. You can also join our 6-month business mastermind program for free, further enhancing your professional development.