Emergency Kit

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To purchase these safety kits, you must provide evidence of your AHPRA registration along with details of your prescribing practitioner.


Anaphylaxis emergency kit for non surgical cosmetic procedures

This Anaphylaxis & Asthma Action emergency Kit is an easy to grab kit for anaphylaxis and asthma emergencies, for your practice/clinic.

Vision loss emergency kit for non surgical cosmetic procedures

This “vision loss emergency kit” is to be used in the event of vision loss following embolization of dermal filler. Vision loss is very rare and typically occurs within seconds of injection.

Once the retinal artery has been occluded, there is only a short window of up to 60 minutes before blindness is irreversible. It is advisable to transfer the patient to the nearest eye hospital as there are medical treatments that can be taken within the first moments of vision loss that could help.

The blindness safety kit can be used in a clinical setting and then continued into hospital.


Vascular occlusion emergency kit for non surgical cosmetic procedures

Vascular occlusion is a blockage in your blood vessels. This condition is a rare but serious side effect of getting dermal fillers or lip fillers. Early diagnosis and treatment lead to the best prognosis to remove the blockage from the blood vessels and improve blood flow.

This kit to help provide all the medication and equipment required and reduce the stress for the treating practitioner and patient.

It helps Implementing treatment more quickly increasing the chances that the occlusion resolves before significant damage occurs with everything required readily on hand.