How do I choose a cosmetic injector?

Cosmetic injector

You only have to look on social media to see how many people offer injectable cosmetic treatments these days. So, how do you choose the person who is suitable to treat you? Here are some tips: Their aesthetic style aligns with yours. For some people, they want noticeable results, big lips, high cheekbones and well-defined […]

How Can I Make My Wrinkles Go Away?

Anti wrinkle uses

While a few facial lines can be endearing and add character to your face, many of us would rather avoid them if we can, and there are many techniques a Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurse can use to help keep you looking refreshed and rejuvenated. The most common facial aesthetic concerns and how wrinkle reduction treatments can […]

What Insurance Do Cosmetic Nurses Need?

Insurance needs for cosmetic nursing

Running a business as a Cosmetic Nurse involves understanding the industry and your key risks to have the appropriate insurance coverage to protect you if the time comes that you need it. Your insurance needs will vary based on several factors, including our industry, your specialty, and your business assets. What should you think about […]

Why don’t my anti-wrinkle treatments last?

Anti-wrinkle injections stopped working

Australians are said to spend an estimated $350 million on anti-wrinkle injections annually. In the hands of a Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurse, wrinkle-reduction treatments are an undetectable and relatively painless way to turn back years off an ageing face. How do anti-wrinkle treatments work? Anti-wrinkle medications work by freezing and relaxing the muscles, preventing them from […]