Cosmetic Nurses

Juv’ae was established in 2009 by Melissa Isaia and Nicole Schmid-Sanele. They had the vision of empowering nurses with the right clinical skills, business support and network for a successful career in cosmetic medicine.

The key to Juv’ae’s success has been that it operates in a state of continuous improvement, be it in educating our Cosmetic Nurses, upskilling them, investing in their business development, or bringing on new technologies to safeguard their businesses and ours.

We have trained over 300 nurses, proudly positioning us as one of Australia’s leading services in non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

We now partner with more than 270 Cosmetic Nurses who work in various clinical settings across Australia.

Together, Melissa and Nicole have fronted state and national inquiries into cosmetic medicine. They have put submissions into the NSW State Government, the Tasmanian State Government and have presented to the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the Nurses and Midwifery Board, defending the practices of Cosmetic Nurses. They have even gone so far as setting up a not-for-profit in 2020, the Cosmetic Nurses Association, to be an independent, impartial voice for all Cosmetic Nurses.

Juv’ae provides holistic support for Cosmetic Nurses from their ongoing clinical education, professional expertise, and marketing assistance to ensure they can run highly successful injectable cosmetic treatment businesses.