Beautifully smooth skin is achievable – and in more ways than one.

Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurses are trained to perform many different procedures using various medications, techniques and complementary therapies that will help patients fall in love with themselves all over again.


Loss of Volume

One of the signs of ageing is skin that lacks volume and structure – in other words, a sagging appearance. Sagging skin can happen in areas such as the chin, cheekbones and even under the eyes.

Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurses are trained in various techniques using the full range of TGA approved dermal fillers that can help hydrate, lift, firm and tighten the skin to sculpt and contour your face.


Lines and Wrinkles

There are many options for helping reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles – though it depends on which areas of the face you’re looking to treat and whether they are fine lines or deep ones.

By using anti-wrinkle, dermal fillers, or a combination of treatments, the Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurse can help create that gorgeous, soft and youthful appearance, smoothing away everything from frown lines to smile lines.


Stubborn pockets of fat? JuvaSlim them!

Another excellent treatment offered exclusively by Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurses is JuvaSlim. This treatment works by destroying fat cells in hard-to-reach places like your chin, abdomen, and love handles.

JuvaSlim uses fat-dissolving medication in an effective, non-surgical way to create a more defined, aesthetically pleasing body by eliminating the fat cells that accumulate in problem areas. Our Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurses are highly skilled and experienced in this procedure.


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