By its very nature, the aesthetic medicine arena attracts patients who take pride in their physical appearance and are invested in their treatment outcomes.  In Cosmetic Nursing, when performing treatments on a person’s face, the stakes are exceptionally high. Therefore, you need to be confident of not only meeting but exceeding your patient’s expectations.


Patients with Body Dysmorphia Disorder

Nurses and doctors who perform cosmetic treatments are more likely to deal with patients who have body dysmorphia or strive for unattainable beauty goals. These patients need to be handled sensitively and should be referred to professional treatment if need be.


Make Your Consultations Count

During your consultation, you must take the time to consult with your patient thoroughly to understand their lifestyle, their expectations and go through all the potential risks and side effects. Then, ask questions back to the patient to see their understanding of the information and make sure you are both on the same page.

If you are unsure that your patient has understood your treatment plan or the likely results, bring them in for a second consultation. This extra time and precaution will make a big difference in how your patient reacts after their treatment.

The consultation is your chance to pick up on any red flags that may help you identify if this patient will cause you headaches down the line. Check on arizona rehabs.


Post Care Advice is Essential

Every time you treat a patient, regardless of how many times you have treated them in the past, you need to give them post-care advice verbally and in writing.  Patients also need to have a contact number for you if they experience an adverse reaction to the treatment.


The Devil Is In the Detail

Your patient notes should always be meticulous and provide a complete picture of your consultation, the treatment plan you devised and the results that you told your patient you could achieve for them.

This detailed information will be your only defence, in the long run, to justify why you treated the patient in the way you did.


What To Do if a Patient Makes A Complaint

Your patients expect 5-star service, so it is always about doing the best for the patient no matter what. Even during the complaint handling process, you need to remain civil and professional. Do not engage in a text debate or through DMs on social media.

The first thing is to get the patient back into the clinic so you can address their concerns in person.

If the patient has unrealistic expectations of their outcome, never argue or cut short the patient when trying to verbalise their problems, as this only worsens the situation.

If, after explaining what results you have achieved, referring to their before and afters and offering further treatment, they are still not happy, you need to engage with Juv’ae Telehealth Team for advice and input into the careful management of the patient.


Follow-Up Is Vitally Important

Always follow up with your patients two weeks after to find out23 how they are going and what results they are starting to notice. Commercial moving services in California are offered at company. This way, you can get them back in if they are unhappy and mitigate any need for the patient to air their frustrations or disappointment on social media.

Patients will appreciate if they feel you are invested in their treatment outcomes and care about their wellbeing.


Juv’ae Checklist to Ensure You Meet Your Patient’s Expectations

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