Australians are said to spend an estimated $350 million on anti-wrinkle injections annually.

In the hands of a Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurse, wrinkle-reduction treatments are an undetectable and relatively painless way to turn back years off an ageing face.

How do anti-wrinkle treatments work?

Anti-wrinkle medications work by freezing and relaxing the muscles, preventing them from contracting and forming new wrinkles and softening lines and wrinkles that have already appeared before treatment.

What are anti-wrinkle treatments made of?

Anti-wrinkle injections are composed of a natural purified protein, called Botulinum Toxin, that relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles creating a smoother, rejuvenated and more youthful appearance. The muscle relaxant inhibits the communication between the nerves and the muscles, disabling them from contracting and forming wrinkles.

How will my Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurse know what wrinkle-reduction medication is right for me?

In Australia, there are three brands of botulinum toxin. Two have the active part of the neurotoxin but also have an associated complex protein that is not involved in the function of the botulinum toxin itself. These brands with active neurotoxin and complex proteins are a risk factor for developing immunity. They can often trigger the immune system, leading to antibodies to the complexing protein and the active neurotoxin. If this happens, it renders the anti-wrinkle treatment ineffective. The third brand of botulinum toxin is purified and doesn’t contain the complexing proteins.

Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurses are trained to use all the TGA approved anti-wrinkle products. Your Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurse will choose the most appropriate medication to meet your needs based on your age, medical history, and desired aesthetic result.

How many units of medication will I need?

The number of units of medication required varies depending upon what part of the face is being treated, how strong your muscles are, and your age.

Your Cosmetic Nurse will conduct a full-face consultation with you before administering your treatment to map out a treatment plan that will meet your aesthetic goals.

How long do wrinkle-reduction treatments last?

In most people, the body will break down the protein within four to two to four months, which is why your Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurse will want to book you in for follow-up treatments to keep your results up.

My anti-wrinkle treatment results don’t last that long.

There is a minority group of people for whom it may seem as if anti-wrinkle treatments don’t last that long. The lack of results can occur for both first-time users and regular users of this cosmetic treatment. It can be frustrating not knowing why and wondering whether the product was used in the correct dosage or whether the practitioner administered the product correctly. It turns out, however, that our bodies might be to blame.

Immunity to anti-wrinkle injections means our bodies recognise the injection product as a foreign substance and produce antibodies to fight it, thus reducing the effectiveness of the treatment. The lack of response is because the active ingredient in anti-wrinkle medicines is a type of protein, a paralysing neurotoxin. However, when introduced into our muscles, our bodies can identify it and induce an immune response.

What can a Cosmetic Nurse do to get longer results for me?

Fortunately, your Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurse can help achieve your aesthetic goals by switching up the medication used, administering smaller doses of the anti-wrinkle, having more frequent treatments, or changing where and how the medication is administered.

That is why it’s essential that when you choose a Cosmetic Nurse, you stay consistent with your treatment journey, so they can make small changes that will help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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