The consultation process between yourself and your patients is a critical first step in identifying all the information you need to decide whether the patient is right for treatment, what treatment plan you can map out for your patient, and how you can maximise the most potential for and from your patient.

A patient has already made a judgement call on you from how you present on social media, which is why they have chosen to make an appointment with you.  There is something about your branding or before and after results that spoke to them, and now they have chosen to invest in your skills.

When a patient arrives at your clinic, they are assessing the reception area, does the area present cleanly, neatly, does it make them feel safe, and like they have made the right decision to spend their money here and with you?

When you introduce yourself, how are you credentialling yourself?  What information are you giving to your patient that gives them confidence you are appropriately trained in the procedure they are having performed?  Tell them about your education, training, aesthetic results, and what makes you uniquely you, as a Cosmetic Nurse.  This is your chance to sell yourself so the patient cannot help but rebook with you.

During your appointment, are you warm, friendly, and engaged with the information your patient is sharing with you?  How are you coming across to your patient?  Self-reflection is important.  There are many good injectors out there, how are you making the most of your time in front of your patient to make sure they feel comfortable?

You need to explain the involvement of the Skype doctor, so this is not seen as an intrusion on their appointment.  You need to explain it in a way that does not undermine your expertise.  You are the one with the needle in your hand after all.

When their treatment is over, make sure you rebook them in.  Even if they hesitate, you need to get in their diary, so they are committed to you, and are less inclined to shop around the next time they are due for treatment.  This is also much easier to do if you have mapped out a treatment plan for them, so they know why they should come back to you.