Over the past few months, there has been a significant amount of movement by State Governments who have proposed changes to the cosmetic industry and the role of Cosmetic Nurses.

We have seen Federal and State Governments and the Nursing and Midwifery Board releasing either fact sheets, guidelines, or proposed changes to legislation around only Cosmetic S4 Medication.

Nicole and I have been heavily involved in gaining a firsthand understanding of these matters to protect the interests of Juv’ae Nurses.  It is of grave concern to us and should be of concern to you and your business.

The policies and procedures Juv’ae have in place are designed to protect a Juv’ae Nurse and uphold the best standards in an unregulated industry. Here you can find more info about California movers company which offers short- & long-term storage for your needs. If we do not start adhering to the current legislation and guidelines, the government will be forced to tighten regulation further to safeguard patients.

The major concerns of the Health Departments are justifiable in some cases and, in other cases, very reactive to a minority of nurses who are not following best practice.  Please click the link to read about the issues we are facing.

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