Wednesday, 12 May, is a momentous milestone in the Juv’ae calendar. It marks 12 years of supporting Cosmetic Nurses in the business of injectable cosmetic treatments.


Co-Directors of Juv’ae Melissa Isaia and Nicole Schmid-Sanele agree this has been no mean feat.


“Juv’ae commenced in 2009 when cosmetic injectables were still very much taboo. Juv’ae was the first company in Australia to administer cosmetic injectables in shopping centres.


“We had the vision to shake up the heavy reliance on doctors to administer cosmetic injectables by equipping nurses with the clinical and business skills they needed to carve careers in cosmetic medicine.


“Within the first 18 months, we signed on 100 cosmetic clinics, quickly establishing the largest network of nurse injectors in NSW. Following our success in NSW, we branched out to Victoria and Queensland in the following 12 months.


“Nicole and I worked day and night, capitalising on every opportunity. We put our heart and soul into the business and threw everything we had at it to make it work,” Ms Isaia said.


Melissa and Nicole credit their strong bond as friends with similar values, work ethic and aligned goals for their achievement. It is the reason why they have been able to sustain multiple successful business interests together.


“I firmly believe in the saying a rising tide lifts all boats. It is this ethos which is why we have been active, not only in supporting our nurses but in supporting the whole cosmetic medicine industry,” Ms Isaia said.


Together, Melissa and Nicole have fronted state and national inquiries into cosmetic medicine. They have put submissions into the NSW State Government, the Tasmanian State Government and have presented to the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the Nurses and Midwifery Board defending the practices of Cosmetic Nurses. They have even gone so far as setting up a not-for-profit in 2020, the Cosmetic Nurses Association, to be an independent, impartial voice for all Cosmetic Nurses.


Melissa and Nicole have had to pivot, adapt, and switch up their business model in the ever-changing and highly competitive cosmetic medicine industry to stay ahead of the curve.


“We have never been afraid to seek the answers or make the changes we needed to ensure the viability of our business,” Ms Schmid-Sanele said.


Today, Juv’ae provides holistic support for Cosmetic Nurses from their clinical education, professional help, and marketing needs to ensure they can run highly successful injectable cosmetic businesses.


“We see our relationship with our nurses as a partnership. We are continuously educating our nurses, upskilling them, investing in their business development and bringing on new technologies to safeguard their businesses and ours,” Ms Schmid-Sanele said.  


“While we have faced challenges, the highs have outweighed the lows. Every year, we think we have set the bar high, and then the next year comes, and we raise it again. We put it down to our enduring friendship and the amazing group of nurses who inspire us to the be best leaders we can be,” Ms Isaia said.




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