Our hand-picked training specialist will cater to your aspirations and skill level, no matter what level you are!

With Juv’ae, your career will reach new heights!

Our training benefits

Accredited by Australian College of Nursing
Our Clinical Foundations Course is accredited by the Australian college of Nursing. So you can trust that your training will be of the highest quality,making you ready to step out into the world of cosmetics! 

Be the first to know Juv’ae ensures you are ahead of the curve.
Always! We partner with thebest in the industry to ensure our nurses have first access to the newesttreatments, products and technology. 

Training Tailored to your own needs 
Our training specialists will work with you to create a learning programme that suits your aspirations and skill level. For beginner or seasoned nurses, we’ll elevate your career! 

Training with Industry Leaders
Train with the very best in the industry. All our Australian renowned trainers have been hand-selected to deliver top-tier training.

Complimentary Training

We offer regular top-tier training sessions wih the best in the industry – at no extra cost.
Learn new skills, discover new products and techniques and ensure you stay ahead of the curve, them grow and succeed in cosmetic medicine..

Business Program

Learn how to successfully manage your clinic. Over 500 clinics have unlocked continuous business support for success.


Network and gain insights into cosmetic aesthetics trends through exclusive events. Led by experts, these will become a must-attend!


Get ready for limitless learning in cosmetic injections! Stay updated, master skills, and expand your knowledge with our valuable webinars.

Exclusive Upskilling

Get hand-picked for our exclusive upskilling sessions. Master advanced techniques and emerging trends to boost your confidence and excel!

Become a Training Model

Join our Model Page for discounted rates on cosmetic treatment.