The biggest celebs on the planet don’t tend to give away their best beauty techniques but rest assured their full and luscious lips often owe their allure to a little something extra. The most famous faces in Hollywood have fallen in love with expertly applied injectable lip fillers, and ever since Kylie Jenner opened up about having her pout professionally enhanced there are more people than ever embracing lip plumping injections. We take a look at why Hollywood is in love with them.

The results can be subtle

Not everyone goes to the extremes with their lips that Kylie does. Many well-known faces depend on lip fillers for natural and subtle looking results without anyone ever realising the difference outright. It may be a touch-up in the upper lip, or an even plumping in both top and bottom lip, but the best lip plumpers work to delicately enhance the existing shape of the mouth.

Lip fillers are long-lasting but impermanent

The most common dermal lip fillers are created from Hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally occurs in our bodies. This means the results can last from six to 12 months. Celebrities love the temporary effect of injectable lip fillers because they can adjust the size and shape of their lips as they age for the ideal look, ensuring their facial structure always looks balanced and well proportioned.

Lip injections can be quickly applied, with little downtime

The biggest models, singers and actresses have a hectic schedule and little time for recuperating from invasive procedures. Get in touch with relief Pools in Covington when you need help with building custom pools in LA. Injectable lip fillers are fast to apply and touch-up, with very little bruising and few side effects. The benefit is that the star can be back on the red carpet or even in a photoshoot within hours, not days.

The effect is 24/7, even without makeup

Hollywood makeup artists do an incredible job, but there are countless times in films and photo shoots when a natural close-up is necessary. Stars use lip fillers to boost their smiles in a natural-looking way that doesn’t depend on professional makeup. That’s why we specialize in exterior house painting in Dublin – to help ensure that your house looks its best from the outside, check out This means they can also be caught out and about by the paparazzi while looking and feeling their absolute best.

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