Juvae Skin Bar Wetherill Park is our first concept store delivering skin solutions to the time poor. We specialize in skin care, acne management, anti ageing treatments and injectables. We will guide you through your skin journey to achieve your desired outcome.


Kerziah combined her passion for beauty aesthetics with her superior qualification as a nurse to secure her title as “The Western Suburbs Most Sought After Injector”. Her specialty in facial contouring, as well as an eye for detail ensures beautiful results every-time.

Kerziah graduated with a bachelor of nursing in 2007. She went on to do her post graduate diploma in nursing and became certified as a holistic health coach. It is here she learned the importance of upholding client safety as the top priority. She is dedicated to treating every client with the utmost respect and strives to ensure they leave feeling even more beautiful. Registration Number: NMW0001231315

We believe that cosmetic injectables should  enhance your natural features and restore your  already there beauty. Performed by a clinical  registered nurse injector.


Anti wrinkle injections provide a highly effective method of smoothing and plumping skin, and are one of the most widely performed cosmetic treatments today. They work by blocking signals between the nerves and muscles, preventing muscles from contracting and forming lines on the surface of the skin. The result is fast, effective and impressive control of frown lines, wrinkles and fine lines. Anti wrinkle injections are not a permanent solution, and further treatments are required periodically to maintain the effect.

At Juvae Skin Bar, anti-wrinkle injections are performed with extreme precision by our fully medically-trained team with over 10 years’ experience. You get maximum wrinkle erasure, with minimal effect on your expression.


Dermal fillers are a powerful method for regaining a youthful complexion, minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by creating volume in the inner layers of skin. Cosmetic fillers can be used to restore fullness to lips and cheeks with a natural-looking result, as well as providing volume in the chin, nose, jaw and hands. Dermal wrinkle fillers can be used like makeup to highlight certain features, and are also commonly used to treat darkness under the eyes. The process is carried out using the same substance that naturally provides skin’s fullness in our bodies with a long lasting effect. Here at Juv’ae we are experts in face contouring to achieve that healthy, youthful and natural aesthetic.

Dermal fillers restore some of that beautiful look of bursting vibrancy to even the most mature face. With skillful application, you’ll look just like yourself – only more positive, more alert, and all freshened up! At Juvae Skin Bar, we use dermal fillers to artfully design the exact look that you want. They can often be used in conjunction with other treatments, in a cohesive treatment plan to wipe as much as 25 years off your appearance.

If you wish to address your complexion, tone, consistency or any specific blemishes, Juv’ae Skin Bar’s experienced clinicians can provide leading non surgical cosmetic treatments specifically designed for your skin type and concerns.


Microdermabrasion is a non -invasive form of skin exfoliation using a diamond encrusted hand piece that glides over the skin with suction to loosen up all dead surface skin and draw out black heads and impurities.


Hydro dermabrasion is similar to microdermabrasion where it exfoliates the skin by using a diamond encrusted hand piece to loosen up dead surface skin and draw out black heads and impurities but it also has a specialized serum that infuses into the skin at the same time to brighten and hydrate. Includes a specialized face mask also.


Our skin peels are medical grade peels to change the skin condition and strengthen the skin.


Using a specialized facial blade that glides over the skin this treatment will leave you fuzz free. Removing all facial and jawline fluff and exfoliating the skin to result in better skin product penetration, brighter and smoother skin.


Our medical grade skin needling will help lift and tighten the skin. Also reduces acne scarring and refines the pores. Adding PRP will boost the anti aging effect of the treatment to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


Our medical grade LED therapy will help to slow down oil production and kill bacteria on the skin. Great for acne and excess oil. The red LED will help stimulate collagen and strengthen the skin to help with pigment and anti aging, a great add on for skin peels. $50 as an add on to a peel or skin treatment.

Juv’ae are the leaders in beauty and cosmetic procedures for a reason. Our goal is to bring you the latest in the industry so you look and feel your best. Be one of the first to try our IV infusions when they hit the store.