There are many misconceptions about injectable cosmetic treatments, and we’re here to put them to rest. Here are some common reasons you can relax about injectable cosmetic treatments.

Everyone is using cosmetic injections.

Even just a few short years ago, cosmetic injections seemed to have an air of taboo about them. Things have certainly changed, with most famous faces in the world now being open and transparent about what injectable cosmetic touch-ups they’ve had to keep their faces youthful, plump and vibrant. Countless Australian men and women in their twenties and thirties are now using anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers to keep their skin looking great. There’s no secret and no shame in cosmetic injectables, nor should there be!

 The results aren’t forever.

There’s been a recent movement in using cosmetic injections to enhance your existing aesthetics rather than choosing the surgical route, and this is a welcome change. Non-permanent, adjustable cosmetic enhancements have never been more affordable or accessible than they are now. As your treatment wears off very gradually, your skin will return to the way it was before, so all you’ll need to do is reschedule your next appointment. The added benefit is that if the effect of your initial injection wasn’t quite what you were after, this could be adjusted and perfected in your next treatment.

It’s much easier to find a specialist in cosmetic injectables.

Within Australia, most injectable cosmetic treatments must be applied by either a medical doctor or a nurse supervised by a medical doctor to maximise the safety and hygiene of the process.

All Cosmetic Nurses at Juv’ae are registered nurses dedicated to the perfected art of cosmetic injections. Our teams visit salons throughout Australia. To book a consultation in your area, call 1300 255 913, and enjoy the meticulous service and peace of mind that a professional cosmetic specialist can provide.