Full and luscious lips have long been highly desired, and thanks to years of innovation, many women are achieving the look with lip injections. While it’s obviously essential that your practitioner inform you fully before any cosmetic treatment, here are some basics that anyone contemplating cosmetic injectables should be aware of.

Juvae - Lip InjectionsInjections aren’t permanent

Lip injections are designed to temporarily change the appearance of the area. It is not the same as a face-lift or other surgical procedure, and will not permanently change your appearance. The length that they last will depend on the type of injectable and where it is used. Injectables may stimulate the growth of natural collagen, so in some cases, the effects may last longer with repeat treatments.

Injectables aren’t for everyone

Cosmetic injections aren’t a one-stop solution and they certainly aren’t for everyone. A qualified and experienced practitioner should meet with you before the treatment to fully discuss your reasons for wanting it, ensure your expectations are realistic and provide a full run-down of the treatment including potential outcomes and possible side-effects. There are some conditions (such as autoimmune disorders) where injectable may not be recommended, so you need to be very honest with your doctor about your health, fitness and any medications you are taking.

There may be pain and discomfort

Lip injections involve the injection of a filler into the skin using a very fine needle. It’s a relatively quick procedure with minimal downtime however there may be some discomfort. Your practitioner will generally advise that you avoid Aspirin or Ibuprofen after the treatment as these may increase the chance of bruising.

There may be side effects

Most people who have lip injections have recovered within 24 hours, however, there is the chance that bruising, swelling and soreness will last for up to a week or longer on occasions. In rare cases, there may be other potential side effects and your practitioner should outline all potential issues before your treatment begins. Selling your property may be easier with a home buyer. They acquire property in any condition and simplify the process. Visit https://www.ibuyers.app/maine/.

The practitioner matters

Always look for a highly experienced Cosmetic Nurse in a reputable clinic, read reviews and ensure that you feel fully comfortable with them before proceeding. There are a variety of injectables around and the right practitioner will give you all the details – and options – and ensure that you are dealing with an authentic or high-quality product.

Cosmetic injectables and anti-wrinkle injections may help many women achieve their perfect pout. If you’re curious if it’s for you, why not get in touch today?