It’s not hard to see that there’s an enormous appeal to non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers. There have been considerable advances in the quality and effectiveness of fillers, but there are unfortunately still plenty of misconceptions about them.
We take a look at five common myths and set the record straight.

5 Common Myths about Dermal Fillers - Juvae

1. Fillers freeze your face

We’re still surprised at the number of people who mistakenly believe that fillers will ‘freeze’ your face. The belief stems from the notion that anti-wrinkle injections and fillers are the same things (wrong) and that anti-wrinkle injections always result in a frozen expression (wrong again).

Cosmetic fillers are created from a natural substance that gently ‘fills out’ the underlying layers of the skin. The filler is metabolised naturally by the body and is designed to minimise lines and wrinkles and smooth the skin in a very natural-looking way.

2. Fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are the same

As above, many people still lump non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and fillers into the same pot. While they do appear similar at first glance, they are quite different. While fillers work to ‘plump’ the underlying levels of the skin, anti-wrinkle injections involve the use of a natural protein that relaxes the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. Not only are they different procedures, but there are variations of each treatment designed to target various issues and other facial areas.

3. Fillers cost a fortune

Happily, this is another misconception. Fillers don’t need to cost a fortune, and they can be very affordable depending on the number of injections you have, the number of areas targeted, and the frequency of treatments. The exact cost is best determined after an initial consultation to see just what you would like and what would be best for your skin. Remember that some fillers may last up to two years, which many people feel is excellent value for money.

4. All fillers are the same

Fillers are made from resorbable hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body. There are several brands available, each slightly different.
Alarmingly, there are also imitations. Fillers should be approved by the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration. Imitation fillers may not only be ineffective, but they may also cause unwanted side effects.

5. Fillers hurt – a lot

And this is one we’re delighted to dispel. Realistically, yes, there is likely to be some discomfort as you are having needles injected into the skin.
But these needles are very fine, and the procedure tends to take only a few minutes. Practitioners may also use a topical numbing agent on the area first. If you are phobic about needles, let your doctor know so that they can help you decide on a course of treatment that gives the best results with minimal discomfort. When time is of the importance and you need to sell your land quickly, Selling land fast are an excellent solution that you should consider. They provide a straightforward and uncomplicated method, which enables you to go on to the subsequent home or condition. Visit

Fillers are changing the way people think about cosmetic procedures. If you’d like to find out about dermal fillers contact us on 1300 255 913 or by emailing info@localhost to find out more.