• How often will i need anti-Wrinkle injections?

    You'll need anti-wrinkle treatments every 6-9 weeks as a general rule. Results vary on an individual basis depending on metabolism and your how your body reacts.

  • what payment methods do you accept?

    We accept cash and all credit cards except for American Express Cards

  • How many anti-wrinkle injections will I need?

    Treatment dosage will depend on the individual and our medical team will be able to advise the most suitable dosage based on the client’s needs and requirements.

  • What do i need to do to prepare for treatment?

    There is no preparation required for treatment. In consultation you will need to know you’re medical history, medications and general health information as this will be requested from the medical officer.

  • Can i have injections if i am pregnant or breast-feeding?

    Most definitely not. Treatment will need to be rescheduled till after the pregnancy or after breast-feeding.

  • Do I Need To Change My Diet?

    No you don’t need to change your diet. You however, be asked by the medical officer will ask about your medical history and any medication that you may be taking.

  • Can I Put Makeup on after?

    We don’t recommend makeup for at least 24 hours after treatment.

  • Whay Do I Need To Avoid After Treatment?

    You need to avoid exposure to heat, hot or cold drinks (if your lips have been treated), and laser treatments to the face if you have had dermal fillers.

  • What should I expect after treatment?

    You can expect the full effect of your anti-wrinkle injections to be apparent after 3-7 days, and for the effect to last approximately 3-4 months.

  • Is it painful?

    Anti-wrinkle injections are administered using a very fine needle and a very small amount of liquid. Many people say they feel like a mosquito bite.

    Without local anesthesia, we would rate the pain of anti-wrinkle injections for hyperhidrosis treatment at around 0.5/10.

  • What happens during anti-wrinkle injections?

    The usual procedure for anti-wrinkle injections is:

    • You'll speak with the doctor about your background and medical history at your initial consultation
    • Our doctors and nurses will formulate a treatment plan for your wrinkles, which may include other therapies in addition to the injections, if appropriate

    At your anti-wrinkle injection appointment:

    • The doctor will map out the area to be treated by examining your ability to move certain facial muscles
    • A large number of small injections is made in an area targeted to the muscles which are causing your wrinkles, each to a specific depth and with a specific volume of fluid

    The procedure takes around 10 minutes.

  • How many anti-wrinkle injections will I need?

    You'll need a single treatment every 4 months. There is no cumulative effect with anti-wrinkle injections. Repeated treatments will depend on the individual and our medical team will be able to advise the best time to make your next appointment.

  • What are the risks?

    Due to the biological mechanism of action, anti-wrinkle injections are more conducive to side effects. Common side effects include:

    • Temporary bruising from the injection itself
    • Headache
    • Mild flu-like symptoms

    Less commonly, the following side effects can also occur:

    • Eyelid droop
    • Eye twitching
    • Facial pain
    • Weakness in surrounding muscles

    Any side effects that occur are temporary. The substance used for anti-wrinkle injections has been completely cleared by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia, as well as the FDA in the US.

  • What are the benefits?

    Anti-wrinkle injections are particularly effective in treating a specific type of wrinkle. If you have deep frown lines or nasolabial folds, anti-wrinkle injections may produce best results for you.

    At The Clinic, we have access to a wide range of different anti-wrinkle technology, and in consultation with you, will use these anti-wrinkle injections in conjunction with a complete treatment plan for your face and body.

  • How are anti-wrinkle injections different?

    The principle behind these anti-wrinkle injections is quite different to that behind other wrinkle reduction treatments. Both fraxel laser treatment and dermal fillers work on an ultimately mechanical basis - that of lifting and filling in facial volume in order to fill out wrinkles.

    Anti-wrinkle injections work on a biological basis; blocking the signal from the brain which tells your wrinkle-causing muscles to contract.

  • What should I expect after treatment?

    Much of the difference you see after your initial dermal filler injection will be due to swelling; you should see the 'real' results after about 3 days. You'll be able to return to work and wear makeup immediately afterwards, although we recommend you don't commit yourself to any activities after your first-ever appointment.

  • What Are Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

    You would probably recognise our anti-wrinkle injection formulation by its popular US trade name. They alleviate wrinkles caused by habitual and uncontrollable contraction of some of the tiny muscles of the face, which wrinkle up the overlying skin.

    The anti-wrinkle injection substance used is a modified form of a naturally occurring substance which blocks the signals between your facial nerves and these superficial muscles, which ultimately allows the skin to relax.

  • Is it painful?

    Local anaesthesia can be used if necessary, although it isn't needed for all patients.

    Without local anaesthesia, we would rate the pain of dermal filler injections at around 2.5/10.

    With local anaesthesia, we would rate the pain of dermal filler injections at around 0.5/10.

  • What happens during dermal filler injections?

    The usual procedure for patients looking to lift and liven their face with dermal fillers is:
    You'll speak with the doctor or nurse about your background and medical history at your initial consultation
    A treatment plan will be devised, which sets out how we can use dermal fillers (possibly in conjunction with other techniques and tools) to create the face that you want

    At your dermal filler appointment:

    The dermal filler product we use contains a local anaesthetic that makes the injection comfortable.

    The area to be injected is marked out

    The dermal fillers are injected, and we apply cold packs immediately afterwards.

    Mineral make-up completes the look and allows you to resume your daily activity.

    The procedure takes about 30-60 minutes in total, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

  • How many dermal filler treatments will I need?

    A single treatment every 9-12 months is needed.

  • What are the risks?

    Ordinary side effects following dermal filler injections include swelling, redness, bruising and mild asymmetry as the inflammation settles down.

  • What are the benefits?

    The benefits of using dermal fillers include:

    • Fillers can reliably treat wrinkles at depths that other methods cannot
    • They are biocompatible and rarely cause reactions
    • The fillers can be dissolved by injection if there are any problems
    • They are non-invasive compared to surgical solutions
  • How are dermal fillers different?

    Compared to anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers allow greater precision in wrinkle correction, and can more effectively treat medium to deep wrinkles. They do not cause any loss of ability to contract your facial muscles,

    Compared to other methods of changing the shape of your face (such as your nose, lips or cheeks), dermal fillers offer the advantage of being non-permanent and creating a generally more youthful look. Dermal fillers allow you to experiment with different facial changes in a non-permanent way.

  • What are dermal fillers?

    Dermal fillers are gels with a hyaluronic acid base (like a sugar gel), which can be injected into certain areas of your face to either correct wrinkles, fill in deep scars or non-surgically change the shape of certain parts of your face. Hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in the body, and over time the dermal filler breaks down via normal body processes.

  • How long will the results last?

    Results are temporary, typically lasting 6 to 24 months, and treatment must be repeated in order to maintain the effect. In particular, treatment in the lip area does not last as long – usually around three to 3 to 6 months before additional procedures are needed.

  • How many injections will I need?

    The amount of dermal filler required will vary based on the area to be treated, the depth of the wrinkle and the desired results. Shallow facial lines will require less solution, while hollow cheeks and deep forehead creases may require significantly more wrinkle fillers to achieve desired results.

  • What does the treatment involve?

    The physician injects the dermal filler solution into predetermined areas using a very fine needle. Injections for cosmetic fillers typically take just a few minutes to complete, depending on the number of areas to be treated. Our injection specialists apply topical anaesthetic to ensure a comfortable experience, and few patients experience side effects beyond mild swelling or bruising that disappears in a few days.

  • How long do results last?

    Anti-wrinkle injections may last anywhere from three to four months. Touch-up sessions will be required at regular increments to maintain results.

  • How many injections will I need?

    The number of anti-wrinkle injections varies, based on the depth of the wrinkles and the size of the treatment area.

  • What does the treatment involve?

    Anti-wrinkle cosmetic injectables are injected directly into the facial muscles using a very fine needle. A topical anaesthetic may be applied to the skin prior to the injections for patient comfort. Injections take just a few minutes to complete, depending on the number of areas to be treated.