5 Simple Tips to Highlight Your Smile

A beautiful smile is often the first thing that people notice about you, so naturally you want to do everything you can to highlight it.

Here are some simple tips for making the most of your smile, from choosing the right lip colour to looking after your teeth and minimising any wrinkles.

Highlighting your smile

  1. Choose the right lip colour

The aim with lip colour is to choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Cooler tones work better on those with fairer complexions, while warmer tones suit those with darker or more olive skin. Bold colours are great to make your lips pop if you’re going out, while subtle nude, pink or berry shades work on almost anyone.

  1. Look after your lips – and teeth

Lips may sometimes be forgotten when we perform our skincare regimes. Remember to cleanse and exfoliate the lips as you do your face, and keep them moisturised with a natural lip balm that has UV protection. Staying well hydrated with sufficient water through the day may also help your lips from becoming chapped. It goes without saying that you should brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly and use a mouthwash.

  1. Know your food and drink

Tobacco, soft drinks, coffee, tea and red wine are major culprits when it comes to staining teeth. Avoid excessive use of any of these and if you do partake, always clean teeth as soon as possible afterwards.

  1. Define your smile

A great smile is often framed by perfectly shaped lips. Using a concealer around the edge of the lips and applying a lip liner before your lipstick or lip gloss can help your lips look smoother and fuller.

  1. Discover dermal fillers

Cosmetic fillers are a popular non-surgical treatment that more and more people are turning to in the quest for plump, gorgeous lips. It involves the injection of a natural, gel-like substance into the dermal layer of the skin, to help smooth lines and creases. Treatments are relatively quick (many people make lunchtime appointments) and the results can last for between six and nine months. When used specifically for the lips, cosmetic or dermal fillers may smooth lines around the edge of the mouth and plump the lips.


Fillers for the perfect smile

Our clinic specialises in first-class fillers administered by professional, fully qualified and experienced staff. If you’re curious about fillers, why not make an appointment? We’d love to show you how treatments can help you achieve a gorgeous smile.